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Cool Dog Turf specializes in Turf For Dog Play Areas and Turf for dog parks, kennels, veterinary clinics, multi-family housing, animal and zoo parks, HOA’s, large homes, and many additional uses.  Our turf is designed to be earth friendly, sanitary and is unique and an industry leading product. With our ultimate flushing features, it helps the play area stay clean and safe for dogs. We use only the best materials and ingenuity for a quality Pet Turf that surpasses all expectations. Cool Dog Turf uses innovative materials and features making it the ultimate  products are designed and Made in the USA.

Our Dog Park Turf is one of the best highest quality and performing turf systems on the market. The Cool Dog Turf is a perfect solution to minimize odors and smells that most other dog turfs harbor.  If you are searching for an Quality Dog Park Turf that will hold up under any conditions and will perform, then please contact In addition to dog fencing, our other dog product divisions include Dog Park Equipment and Dog Playground and Agility Equipment, in addition to Dog Waste Stations, Dog Water Fountains, and Dog Splash Pools and Pads. * All DVR Fence kits come complete with posts, hardware, fasteners, hinges, and latches.


dog approved

Our turf is designed specifically for dogs to do what they naturally do on grass. They love playing and running on our turf options.

quality products

Our products are intelligently designed and crafted using the best materials and inguineity producing quality products. 

earth friendly

Our turf allows the earth to breathe and allows rainwater and waste to flow downwards freely.

turf planning

We can assist you with your turf planning and play or park area designs.

easy installation

Our turf is designed to be easy to install and adaptable to your needs.