Cool Dog Park Turf is built with the highest quality materials. We offer an array of product styles to fit your park’s theme. Our products are crafted with the most precise craftsmanship and best quality materials.


Our expert designers can help you plan, design and construct a quality dog park facility. Contact our design team for more information on developing a custom dog park fencing that works with your requirements and budget.

Earth Friendly

Our dog park turf is designed to be earth-friendly. Cool Dog Turf allows the earth to breathe and allows rainwater and waste to flow downwards freely.

Dog approved

Our turf is designed specifically for dogs to do what they naturally do on grass. They love playing and running on our turf options.

Quality products

Our products are intelligently designed and crafted using the best materials and inguineity producing quality products. 

easy installation

Our turf is designed to be easy to install and adaptable to your needs.

turf planning

We can assist you with your turf planning and play or park area designs. Contact us for more information.