We believe in a healthy active lifestyle for both dogs and dog owners. We are committed to delivering high quality dog park products, designed and manufactured in the USA.

Dog Park Turf and Play Surface Systems are one of our main specialties at Cool Dog Turf. We provide the ultimate turf for dog parks, kennels, city parks, veterinary clinics, multi-family housing, animal and zoo parks, HOA’s, large homes, and many other uses.  Our Dog Park Turf is designed with unique features and materials which result in a great solution for your dog play areas.  With the earth friendly flow thru design, anti-microbial fibers on some of our products, it can be even safer for dogs than many of the other traditional turf products on the market.  We use only the best materials and ingenuity for a quality Dog Turf that will surpass all expectations.  In addition, we used powder–coated steel and all of our fencing and dog products are proudly designed and Made in the USA..

In addition to dog fencing, our other dog product divisions include Dog Park Equipment and Dog Playground and Agility Equipment, in addition to Dog Waste Stations, Dog Water Fountains, Dog Wash Tubs, and Dog Splash Pools and Pads.


Spending time outdoors is a healthy experience and is fun when you watch how excited your dog can be in expending the youthful energy that these beautiful animals offer.

Instead of going to the gym after work, take your dog to the dog park and enjoy being outdoors as you both will benefit from the many health benefits of playing together. We promise to deliver only Quality products approved by our team.


We work with the most reputable delivery and installation services in order to ensure the best quality for our customers. We also work with a nationwide network of local installation service professionals.


We believe in promoting enviornments that develop a healthy dog and healthy dog owner. Our Cool Dog Turf is designed to stay clean and sanitary and allow the earth to breathe. Our Dog Park Turf allows urine and feces to filter down thru the ground properly to prevent bacteria and odors.


We are constantly researching and sourcing new products and equipment that will improve every dog’s quality of life as well as enhance the bond with their owner. Our goal is to provide our customers and their dogs with the highest quality products in order to promote healthy lifestyles and vigorous exercise play.

design your dog park

Dog Park Turf coordination

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We can assist you with your turf planning and dog park design. Contact us today for assistance.

Microbial Protection


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Cool Dog Turf features an antimicrobial guard that protects against bacteria build-up and keeps the surface clean for pets.

Products Made in the United States


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We seek to have all of our products designed, manufactured, sourced and assembled in the United States. We also strive to be as earth friendly as possible and focus on using recycled materials that are are also recyclable. We have patented designs and features on some of our products that are proprietary and exclusive. We ensure the highest quality materials and designs are used in the full assembly of our product offerings so you are getting the highest quality products that will perform and look great for a long period of time. Our products are specifically designed for dogs and the use of these products in the dog care environment, so the products are safe and easy to install. Most of our products ship either fully assembled or 90-95% pre-assembled with ease of use. In an effort to provide you the best service locally we collaborate with a team of Nationwide Local maintenance & service contractors to offer the best local Nationwide services.