Cool Dog Turf Run & Play Sports Performance Series Pet Turf


RUN & PLAY SPORTS PERFORMANCE PET TURF – Dog park turf for heavy traffic dog run & play areas, easier to clean and maintain. Great for dog park areas, doggie daycares, multifamily parks, heavy dog traffic areas. Clear Flow System.

Sold in 15′ W rolls, available in various lengths.

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Cool Dog™ Turf specializes in Turf For Dog Play Areas and Turf for dog parks, kennels, veterinary clinics, multi-family housing, animal and zoo parks, HOA’s, large homes, and many additional uses. Our turf is designed to be earth friendly, sanitary and is unique and an industry leading product. With our ultimate flushing features, it helps the play area stay clean and safe for dogs. We use only the best materials and ingenuity for a quality Pet Turf that surpasses all expectations. Cool Dog™ Turf uses innovative materials and features making it the ultimate. Products are designed and made in the USA. Our Dog Park Turf is one of the best highest quality and performing turf systems on the market. The Cool Dog™ Turf is a perfect solution to minimize odors and smells that most other dog turfs harbor. 

  • Warranty: 15 years limited warranty
  • Ships in 15′ wide rolls with various lengths
  • Simulated Grass Material is tufted polyethylene yarn
  • Colors are a natural textured green
  • Sanitary: treated with Anti-Microbial Protection
  • Border Boards and Trim Nailer Boards available DL-NB22-RPW
  • We recommend pet-friendly organic anti-bacterial spray cleaners, sold separately



  • DL-TURF25: Pet Turf Roll 15′ wide x 25′ long
  • DL-TURF50: Pet Turf Roll 15′ wide x 50′ long
  • DL-TURF75: Pet Turf Roll 15′ wide x 75′ long
  • DL-TURF100: PetTurf Roll 15′ wide x 100′ long

Sold separately for installation:

  • DL-TURF-ST: Pet Turf – Seam Tape
  • DL-TURF-SA: Pet Turf – Seam Adhesive 
  • DL-BTB226-RPW Border Trim Board, Black Plastic 2″ x 2″ x 6′ long  OR  DL-BTB246-RPW Border Trim Board, Black Plastic 2″ x 4″ x 6′ long